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Core Health Products

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About Core Health Products

Core Health Products is a culmination of over 75 years of nutritional expertise, product formulation, health education, and hands on experience with the end user. Core Health is owned and headed by Shan Stratton, renowned nutritional consultant to the NY Yankees, LA Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and many other professional organizations. Shan leads a company that prides itself in making sure the entire product line is created with integrity, purity, and effectiveness at the forefront of consideration.

This entire product line is built on the core principle that "nutrient utilization is more important than just nutrient consumption". Core Health Products uses only the best and most natural whole food ingredients available. You will never find synthetics or fractionated nutrients. All minerals are amino acid chelated to ensure the highest level of absorption. The probiotics are stabilized, and the enzymes broad spectrum. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected to fulfill a specific need. We also utilize only certified organic ingredients whenever quality organic sources are available.

Every Core Health Product includes our proprietary nutrient delivery system, known as M.E.D.S.®. This proprietary system uses the power of enzymes and fully-utilizable micronutrients to deliver maximum results.

Your body deserves the best nutrition it can get, and that is precisely what Core Health Products deliver!

Core Health Products are the only products on the market manufactured with ionized alkaline antioxidant water.  Maximum results are obtained when these products are taken with ionized alkaline antioxidant water.

These products are available from the TLC Holistic Wellness Store individually or on a monthly autoship basis.

Core Health Pack is the most advanced all-in-one daily supplement to maximize energy, health, vitality and longevity. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and herbs from the highest quality 100% whole food ingredients. Your body deserves the best nutrition the best price in the market. It is like getting 6 products for under $10 each!

Digestive Health promotes complete digestion and a healthy digestive tract. It contains Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Herbs and M.E.D.S.®. Key benefits: Aids digestion and elimination, Soothes and calms the stomach and digestive tract, Supports the immune system, Increases the utilization of protein and other nutrients for building muscle, Increases nutritional value of foods by assuring nutrients from food are absorbed by the body, Helps maintain healthy functioning of the intestinal tract, Promotes longevity and Promotes normal tone in the digestive tract.

Heart Health promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. It includes lipase for the increased breakdown and utilization of fats, along with M.E.D.S.®. Key benefits: Suppors a healthy cardiovascular system, Promotes healthy blood pressure, Supports healthy blood lipids, Provides natural antioxidants for healthy circulation, Increases the digestion and utilization of fats from food, and Includes M.S.D.S. to maximize results.

Joint Health promotes optimal muscle and joint health. It includes clinically proven ingredients to support healthy joints promotes faster recovery from exercise and competition, and optimize the body's anti-inflammatory processes, along with M.E.D.S.®. Key benefits: Promotes healthy muscles and joints, Effectively supports the body in repairing tissue following an injury, Enhances the body's natural healing processes, Optimizes the body's anti-inflammatory processes, Supports faster recover from strenuous exercise and workouts, Maximizes production of the body's own powerful antioxidant enzyme (SOD) for even faster recovery, and Includes M.E.D.S.® to maximize results.



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