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Detecting A Zinc Deficiency

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Detecting a Zinc Deficiency.jpgDo you have?...

Muscle Tenderness, Tension and Fatigue!

The source of these common complaints is poor energy production in muscle tissue!

   -   Mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of cells which furnish the energy for all muscle work.
   -   Mitochondria require specific nutrients to produce adequate cellular energy.
   -   It actually takes more cellular energy to relax muscle cells than it does to contract them.
   -   Low cellular energy states can leave you tense, sore and fatigued.

TLC Holistic Wellness has the all the answers to help restore your energy and eliminate muscle tension and pain.

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Livonia Chiropractor | Detecting A Zinc Deficiency. Dr. Sherry Yale, DC is a Livonia Chiropractor.