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Dr. Fischer's Articles on Nutrition

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Many patients find natural relief from their many health problems with whole food nutrition and a holistic wellness approach. Call us at (734) 664-0339 for a free nutritional analysis.

Nutrition Articles written by Dr. Fischer published in the Body Mind Spirit Magazine

February 2011               Love Yourself (Nutrition, Diet & Sugar)

December 2010            The Secrets to Handling Holiday Sweets  (Nutrition & Sugars)

November 2010            Give Me "Mo"  (Nutrition)

 September 2010       Body Readings (Digestion, Sugar & Posture)

August 2010             Fun in the Sun   (Vitamin D & Sunscreens)

February 2010           Sweets for Your Sweetie  (Sugar & Sweeteners)

November 2009         Defend Yourself (Naturally Against the Flu)

October 2009            Brain Power Right & Left (Essential Fatty Acids - Good Oils)

September 2009        Listen To Your Body (Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Indicators)

March 2009              For The Love of Chocolate  (Nutrition for Sugar Handling)

February 2009          Identify Your "C" Needs  (Calcium & Vitamin C)

December 2008        Identify Your Food Cravings (Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Indicators)

November 2008        The Truth About Vitamins  (Natural vs Synthetic)


Nutrition Articles written by Dr. Fischer published in the Natural Awakenings.

September 2010    Nutrition for Creativity  (Nutrition) 

July 2010               Natural Sun Protection   (Vitamin D & Sunscreens)                                     

May 2010               Organic is Best   (Nutrition)

March 2010           Eat to Look Younger   (Foods for Youthful Living)

 December 2009    Increasing Nutritional Awareness  (Nutrition Indicators)

November 2009    Healthy Living Made Simple  (Nutrition & Chiropractic)   

October 2009        Plastics in Our World   (Toxicity)                    

August 2009         Healthy Foods for Children  (Nutrition)                

July 2009               Is It Really Organic? (GMO Food & Who Really Owns Organic Food Co.) 


Nutrition Articles written by Dr. Fischer published in the CoSozo Living Magazine

In June 2010  Dr. Fischer was featured on the cover of CoSozo Living. View the cover here.

June 2010            Fibromyalgia

June 2010            Simple Spring Cleaning Importance             

June 2010            Whole Body Fitness

June 2010            The History of Homeopathy

June 2010            Healthy Food Options


The information contained in these articles and handouts are copyrighted by Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, BS, DC, ND 2011



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