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Drink Yourself Healthy Events

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Drink Yourself Healthy 

Saturdays at 1 PM

Call for Dates and to Register

Held at TLC Holistic Wellness

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FREE Water Awareness Presentation & Demo for Healthy Living!

Attend Our Super Anti-oxidant Event  

 Your body is 75% water. What kind of water are you?

                                                         Take the 21 Day Challenge!

Try this unique Innovative Japanese Water Free!

Taste It!       Drink It!     Feel It!

  • Additional Information Presented on: 
  • The Dangers of Bottled water
  • Chemical Additives in Tap Water
  • The Strongest Anti-oxidants you can take
  • Acidic Drinks & how they affect you and your Kids??

Come Learn Where It All Started  

End the confusion about what water is good to drink. Learn what food and beverages are the best for optimal health & longevity. People can become healthy when the body has exactly what it needs. Learn what the real solution is to help your body return to a healthier condition.

A discussion of both good and bad foods, and water will be presented.

This workshop is limited to 15 people.  Call 734-664-0339 to register. This free health class will be held at TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia. Due to popular demand, this class will be offered several times during the month. Presented by Dr. Sherry Yale, DC Holistic Chiropractic Physician


What is the difference between alkaline and alkalized waters?


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