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Good, Bad and Ugly-Toxic Foods

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This is a summary page. Please click on each underlined topic to be linked to the corresponding information page.

Good Foods

There are several helpful charts in this section that provide specific information on what foods contain what nutrients. The Nutrients in Foods is a listing of vitamin and minerals, and which foods contain the specific nutrients. Healing Foods is a  listing of foods, and what nutrients and health conditions the different foods effect.

This section also contains article about Healthy Low Cost Foods, Foods to Calm You Down Fast,  Fruits High in Vitamin C and Eating Good Oils.

Why Eat Organic and It's Official: Organic is Better! also provide more information on organic foods compared to conventional foods.

Published Articles on Good Foods

To learm more about the dangers of genetically modified foods read the following articles  written by Dr. Fischer and published in the Wayne County, Michigan edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine: Healthy Foods for Children, Is It Really Organic? and Organic Is Best. Click on this link for a detailed 16 page Non-GMO Foods Shopping Guide co-produced by The Institute for Responsible Technology and The Center for Food Safety.


There are many types of allergies related to food. This section has a listing of  Common Food Allergens,  Gluten Sensitivity, and Pain Causing Foods. Learn more about the food allergies associated with MSG, MSG Additive Names and How to Avoid MSG. 


This section has different guides to help provide an understanding of the issues surrounding sugar and sugar substitutes. The Many Names of Sugar list the many unknown names of sugar so that it can be avoided. The Sugar Comparison Chart and the Sugar Substitutes provide comparisons of sugar with the quantitiy of healthier options to substitute in cooking and baking. Read about Sugar as High Fructose Corn Syrup and High Mercury Corn Syrup, Aspartame and Splenda to learn why these are not healthy sugars.To learn about the best sugar option read The Truth About "natural" Sweeteners.


This section has articles that explain the different toxins found in personal care products, drinking water and our food supply. Read Carcinogens Found in "Organic" Personal Care and Personal Care  Products Dangers to learn more about cosmetic toxins. Labeling Lies and Hershey' Trick for Your Treat provide information about toxins in our food supply. Pesticide toxicity is covered in, Perticides in Produce. Information about drugs and plastics are covered in Drugs and Side Effects, and Drugs in Drinking Water. The dangers of Food Additives and Margarine- The Un-Health Food are covered here too. Read these articles to learn more about   Cancer Causing Products and the Cancer Update from John Hopkins.


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