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Iodine and Radiation

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As you are aware, Japan is experiencing ongoing problems with their nuclear reactors and they ARE releasing radioactive substances into the water and air. We all need to be proactive regarding the health of our families and friends regarding our potential exposure to radioactive iodine.

TLC Holistic Wellness is offering a FREE Iodine Test to determine if you have adequate levels of iodine. This test is non-invasive and simple to do.  Call  (734) 664-0339 to schedule your Free Iodine Test.

If we didn’t already have enough problems with potential iodine deficiency due to the competitive binding of thyroid receptors by these chemicals found in our water and food supply,: chlorine, fluorine and bromine/bromides, now this radiation issue may complicate our thyroid health further.

Iodide/iodine is rapidly taken up mostly by the thyroid, and when it is, it blocks the entrance of radioactive iodine from radiation into the thyroid.  Breast tissue is another notable organ that can take it in, as well as liver, kidneys and bladder.

TLC Holistic Wellness is making this simple Iodine test available at no charge as a public service. You will be able to determine the test results yourself at home. Call (734) 664-0339 Today to schedule your Free Iodine Test.

If you are not sure whether you need to be tested, read what Japan is doing for their population to protect them from radiaion.

In a United Press International story Monday morning, March 14, 2011 at 3:30 am, reporters note that a second explosion at a nuclear power plant had occurred. The explosion "did not appear to have harmed the reactor", Japanese officials said. At least 170,000 residents were evacuated, and a 13 mile exclusion zone was put in place. "Authorities prepared to distribute iodine to protect people from radioactive exposure". The biggest concern is that the reactors need to be cooled, and even though they are using seawater to cool the reactors, the lack of power from the tsunami is making it difficult to pump the water through the cooling systems. Aftershocks also continue to hit the region.  The LA Times- reported on the possibilities of a meltdown.

To learn more about Iodine attend a Free Workshop sponsored by the Foundation for Wellness Professionals on Iodine and Your Health.  Please call the Foundation for Wellness Professionals at (734) 756-6904 for dates and times.

Here is additional information to help protect your body.

There are 10 items known to absorb radioactive fallout and/or prevent/counteract radiation poisoning. Most of these items are available at TLC Holistic Wellness:
1. Iodine (potassium iodate / iodide) from kelp or taken in tablet form. This is essential for everyone.
2. Bentonite clay
3. Activated charcoal
4. [Organic] Zeolite
5. Chlorella
6. Spirulina
7. Food grade diataomaceous earth (aka "fossil shell flour" and "micro plant powder")
8. Humic acid / Fulvic acid
9. Wheatgrass juice (Kamut / Khorasan preferably)
10. Cilantro leaf add to salads or use organic liquid extract (coriander seed)

Call (734) 664-0339 to schedule your Free Iodine Test. This Free test is subject to availability while supplies last, and will only be offerred until the end of April 2011.

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