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Reading Food Labels

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Take the Time to Read and Compare

It really is important to know what you are putting into your body.  Don't be misled!

A jar of strawberry preserves states all natural strawberry preserves on the front labell. It may look natural and have a good look to it, at a fair cost.  Look at another brand that is organic.  Read the labels and compare.

The brand that states "all natural" is not really healthy.  It does have some strawberries in it, but it is also high in fructose corn syrup and three different preservatives. Not very natural!  Next read the label on the organic strawberry bottle. Look how it has 100% nothing added, and is certified organic strawberry jam! The contents look pretty much the same, but clearly they are not.  The organic jam may have cost more - but it  is real strawberry jam.

There is a video that emphasizes the point even further.  "Blueberries found in blueberry bagels, cereals, breads and muffins are REAL blueberries right? Wrong! Award-winning investigative journalist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, exposes the deceptive chemical ingredients and dishonest marketing of "blueberry" products from big-name food and cereal companies. The blueberries, it turns out, are made from artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars."  Watch the video here!

There are many companies marketing products that do not contain what they appear to on the front label.  Many are significantly diluted versions of their former selves, containing only trace amounts of the ingredients listed on the label. Plus, a whole lot of other ingredients you don't want.


It's not just off-brands marketed on the web - it's big name brands and retailers that are providing misleading information regularly.  Support small business that are the backbone of this nation, and avoid the big name stores that claim to sell organic.

This is why buying organic products is really worth the effort and the cost.  In order to be organic they have to be independently inspected, and additive free!  Its a way of really ensuring you are getting what you intend to get!

So read the label, buy organic when you can, and live healthier!

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