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Spring Cleaning For Your Body

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We are exposed to toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. In the U.S. alone there are 1700 new chemicals released every year. Only 45% of these chemicals have been tested for toxicity. Recent research evaluating the blood of newborn babies found industrial chemicals in their blood. These babies had not yet been exposed to the toxins in the air or water outside the womb. Testing showed their blood already contained toxins that they had absorbed from their mother. We do indeed live in a toxic world.

Without food most humans will die within a month, as long as they have water. Without water, the human body will survive only ten days. Water makes up 75% of the body, 90% of the blood, and 85% of the brain. The rule for water consumption is to drink one-half your body weight in ounces. Failure to drink sufficient water causes signs of dehydration that most people have learned to ignore.

Americans do not worry about dehydration. They think that dehydration is something that happens to travelers in the desert when they run out of water. Chronic dehydration is widespread today and does not have immediate symptoms. It affects everyone who is not drinking enough liquid.

Chronic dehydration has been masked by food or with drugs. Some symptoms and their common remedies are: Peptic Ulcer - Antacids; Craving Sweets – Sugar; Depression - Anti-depressant drugs; Allergies – Antihistamines. Dry mouth is a late sign of thirst for water on a cellular level. Saliva is produced even in chronic dehydration with a dry mouth, because it is a digestive enzyme.

If you have any of these symptoms: fatigue, constipation, digestive disorders, high or low blood pressure, gastritis or stomach trouble, respiratory trouble, acid-alkaline imbalance, excess weight and obesity, eczema, cholesterol issues, urinary infections, rheumatism, and premature aging, you may need to drink more water.

Drinking clean water is essential to good health. But which drinking water is the cleanest? You might guess bottled water, but it's not that simple. Bottled water is not necessarily cleaner than tap water. In fact, FDA purity requirements for city water systems are far more stringent than for bottled water companies. The plastic from the bottles can leach into the drinking water. Bottled water creates more pollution by filling our landfills with gazillions of wasted plastic bottles. Bottled water is often tap water that has been filtered once and then sold to the consumer.

Tap water is the least expensive source of water. However, you do not want to drink unfiltered tap water due to the drugs, chemicals and toxins in the water. A good water filter will cost $100-150 and last up to 5 years. A gallon of filtered water from your tap costs about 10 to 18 cents per gallon. At $1 to $4 per gallon, bottled water is at least 10 times more expensive than home filtered water. Most filtration systems remove the good minerals from the water. Add liquid minerals if you use a reverse osmosis filter or a distilled water system. Both of these systems cleanse the water of all impurities and minerals, including the minerals essential to your health.

Drinking more water is the first action that can be taken to cleanse the body of toxins. Detoxification is a natural process occurring on a continual basis in the body, and more water is the easiest way to help detoxify. Studies show that detoxification improves all the organs of elimination and results in increased health benefits. The best health insurance you can have is to do everything possible to cleanse your body to prevent sickness and disease. Besides increasing water consumption, there are detoxification diets and programs to help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

There are many different types of detoxification programs. Besides detoxification diets, there are detoxification programs that focus on specific organ systems: the skin, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, blood and lymphatic system. Even dietary changes (eating organic) and nutritional modification (decreasing intake of processed sugars) can be a mild form of detoxification.

If you are trying a detoxification program for the first time, it is best to start with a gentle cleanse. Detoxification diets can target different organ systems involved. In general, it is usually recommended that you begin with the intestines. If your bowels are not moving adequately enough to expel the toxins, there will be little benefit from detoxification. By focusing on the bowels first to increase elimination, you will enhance detoxification.

Spring is the best time to cleanse your body. All native cultures around the world have spring rituals involving body cleansing to eliminate toxins that have been stored during the winter. There are many detoxification and cleansing programs available to help your body become cleaner on the inside. The easiest cleanse to begin with is to increase your consumption of water.

TLC Holistic Wellness does workshops bimonthly on the many different types of water that are available. Come learn more about water, and decide which water is the healthiest choice for you and your family. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Learn about the simpliest and most effective way to detoxify and cleanse your body. Call (734) 664 - 0339 for dates and times of our water detoxification workshop, or visit our website at and check out the Workshop Tab. Our website will help you learn more about the variety of services that we offer including gentle chiropractic, massage therapy, cusstomized nutritional and weight loss programs and live cell analysis.

Yours in Health Naturally,

Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D.

Holistic Chiropractic Wellness Physician
Clinical Nutritionist
Molecular Hydration Specialist

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