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The Dangers of GMO Foods

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Say NO to GMO foods

Learn more about the dangers of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food by watching this video lecture by Jeffrey Smith, the best selling author of "Seeds of Deception" at The FDA currently does not require that GMO foods be listed as ingredients on food labels. Most people are not aware that 65% of all packaged foods sold in local grocery stores contain GMO ingredients.

Over 90% of all soybeans grown world wide are GMO soy. About 75% of all corn grown is GMO corn. If the canned or packaged food contains soybean or corn oil, or corn syrup in any form, the product most likely contains GMO soy and/or corn. Other GMO foods include cotton, canola oil and sugar beets. About 50% of the sugar currently used in the U.S. is from GMO sugar beets.

GMO foods have been found to alter the genetic structure of those who eat them. Studies showing this have been banned, and the researchers fired. GMO food is being fed to livestock and to humans. Learn more about this dangerous food experiment in an interview with Jeffrey Smith by Alex Bogusky from Responsible Technology TV.  Watch the interview with Jeffrey Smith, Author of Seeds of Deception..

For additional information read the two recently published articles by Dr. Fischer: "Is It Really Organic?" published in Natural Awakenings, Wayne County edition, July 2009 and "Organic is Best" published in Natural Awakenings, Wayne County edition, May 2010. Both articles are available under the Dr. Fischer's Published articles under the Knowledge Center.   

To learn more about the best foods to buy, there is a 20 page Non GMO Shopping Guide available for download under the Good Foods section located under the Knowledge Center tab. Look on the internet for the movie "Bought", which exposes the connection between GMO foods, vaccines and Big Pharma.

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