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Have a Heart Month

Take Advantage of Our Gift to You During Have a Heart Month

Give the  GIFT OF HEALTH to a friend or loved one this month, or use the gift for yourself. The gift is an opportunity for you or someone else you know to receive a Weight No More no-charge evaluation. Help your body lose weight and lessen the stress on your heart. 

 This evaluation is normally valued at $195 and includes a stress test, a test of multiple muscle reflexes, an adrenal hormone test, an evaluation for undetected nerve damage, and a nutritional and toxicity evaluation. 

This Weight No More evaluation only takes one hour of your time. The information in the visit can be used to improve your health right away. There is no cost or obligation. Take advantage of this health opportunity now. This Gift of Health offer expires at the end of February. Call (734) 664-0339 to schedule, and mention this newsletter. 

Weight No More

Every year the top New Year's resolution is to lose weight!  Some will be successful in achieving this goal, while others will not. January and February are  known as the Weight Loss Months. Losing weight helps your back, and your heart. There are many programs promoting weight loss, but which will really work for you? 

Simple diet changes that will assist in a weight loss journey include decreasing the sugars and carbohydrates in your diet. Consuming only 60 grams of sugars daily will result in weight loss. Your body can only burn fat when there is no sugar present in your blood. Eating more than the 60 grams of sugars will cause your body to store the excess sugars, resulting in weight gain.

What is recognized as sugar? The answer is all refined carbohydrates. That means all grains, pastas, cereals, breads, pastries, candy, potatoes, corn and chips are all converted into sugar in your body. Fruits and vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but their content is much less than processed grains.

A simple weight loss tip that will work is to eat twice the number of vegetables to fruits, and to avoid all grains and potatoes. Just eliminating the excess sugars in your diet will allow your body to start to burn excess fat.

Combining this simple diet change with some light exercise will help increase your metabolism, or the rate at which your body burns food or calories for energy. The easiest and most gentle exercise is walking. Walking just 20 minutes a day at a moderate pace will help to burn the calories away, as well as elevate your mood for several hours.

There is more to weight loss than just reducing your carbohydrate intake. You will lose weight with a calorie-restricted diet, only to have the weight return when you resume normal eating again. Your body has to have the correct nutrition to release the stored fat, and to help it make fat burning hormones.

Fat burning hormones are made in your liver. From clinical experience, the best weight loss programs include nutritional support to help your liver do its job to melt away the weight. One job of your liver is to store excess sugars and carbohydrates. This creates unwanted body fat, while storing unwanted toxins. Helping your liver release the stored body fat and toxins will help you lose weight faster. 

These specific detox weight-loss programs melt away pounds, as they cleanse the liver and body of toxins, impurities, and stored body fat. Adding detoxification nutrition to weight -loss programs increases weight loss. Clinically these programs really are effective. There are University Studies that showed that in just one week people who participate in specific detox weight loss programs experienced the following:

  • Glucose dropped by 3.7%
  • Bad cholesterol dropped by 5%
  • Triglycerides dropped by 19.3%
  • 3.02% lost in body fat.
  • 7.5 pounds lost.
  • 7.63 inches lost in total. 

The question is will a detox weight loss program work for you? The answer is yes, if your body has no other issues. If your hormones are out of balance, it can influence the speed of your weight loss. All of your hormones should work together, like a family. When one part of your hormonal system is not working optimally, it causes stress on the rest of the hormonal family.

Stress is primarily handled by your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands work very closely with the thyroid. Your thyroid has to be working well for your body to lose weight. Your thyroid determines your overall metabolism, or the rate that your body burns calories when you are not exercising. It is vital to provide the proper nutritional support for the adrenal glands and/or thyroid to support them during weight loss.

Adequate water intake is also essential to lose those unwanted pounds. You need to drink half your body weight in ounces of good, clean healthy water to keep your body hydrated, and to help flush out the stored toxins. Sugar cravings will decrease when you drink a sufficient quantity of healthy water, helping you to lose even more weight. 

Dieting alone may not be enough to help you lose weight. The question becomes what else besides a simple diet change will work for you? The answer is a diet program that is specific for you. There is no one size fit all diet, just like there is no one size fit all pair of pants. Clothes need to be fitted for you, as does the diet program and food that you eat. 

During the month of February TLC Holistic Wellness is offering the Gift of Health, including a no charge weight loss evaluation that can determine how you can best lose weight, and turn your body into an effective fat burning machine. 

Call (734) 664-0339 to schedule your Weight No More evaluation today. This evaluation is normally valued at $195 and includes a test of multiple muscle reflexes, a stress test, an adrenal hormone test, an evaluation for undetected nerve damage, and a nutritional and toxicity evaluation. Mention this newsletter when you call (734) 664-0339 to receive this evaluation at no charge during the month of February 2017. Accept this Gift for yourself and share it with others. 

 Copyright 2012 Dr. C.A. Fischer, BS, DC, ND


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