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Weight Loss Is Good For The Heart

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Weight loss either by dieting or exercising has healthy heart benefits. A new study showed that losing weight, regardless of the method, appears to help restore the hearts elasticity allowing it to more easily relax and contract. As we age, the tissues of the body including the heart and arteries accumulate collagen fibers making these tissues stiffer - less likely to relax and more difficult to contract. While it was previously found that diet and exercise combined result in heart benefits, this study now suggests either one will help restore cardiovascular elasticity. Researchers suggested that individuals who lose weight in any healthy manner will reap the heart benefits.

Source:  American Journal of Physiology. January 10, 2008.

At TLC Holistic Wellness we have several different weight loss programs to help lose the weight and the excess fat. On our most popular weight loss program the average weight loss is 7 to 10 pounds a week. We also have different diet and nutritional programs to help support weight loss and improve cardiovascular health.

Call (734) 664-0339 today to schedule a consultation to find out if you qualify for one of our weight loss or nutritional programs.


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