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Water is Essential For Life.

The type of water you drink matters.

Is Your Water Acid or Healthy?

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What Are You Drinking?

       Acidic                             pH Scale                      Alkaline

 2.5            5.0              7.0             8.5           10.0  Sickness/Disease                    Neutral                          Healthy              ________________________________________________________________

Drink Yourself Healthy

End the confusion on what water is good to drink. Learn what beverage is the best for optimal health & longevity. Each class is limited to 10 people. This free weekly health class is only held at TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia.  Please see Workshops Tab for dates and times. Free Healthy Water provided during class. Bring some bottles to take more Healthy Water home. Register Early.

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Kangen Water

Our bodies are 75% water. Not everyone understands how important it is to drink water

that can Hydrate our bodies properly…Now you can! Click on the above link and download your free book.


Ground Water             Bottled Water                Kangen Water®


Treated with Chemicals              Reverse Osmosis                             No Chemicals   

Low Minerals                              No Trace Minerals                            No Acidity  

High Acidity                               High Acidity                                     No Bacteria  

Fluoride                                      High Bacteria                              High in Minerals  

Contains drug residue                Non-Hydrating                           High in Alkalinity  

Parasites                                    High Cost/ounce                       High in Antioxidants 

Non-Hydrating           Plastic & Chemical Contaminants      Detoxifying & Hydrating

______________________________________ _________________________ __

What are You drinking?

A popular cola has a pH of 2.5, almost 50,000 times more acidic than neutral water. It would take 32 glasses of strong alkaline pH 9.5 water to counteract the consumption of ONE glass of cola. Most beverages people drink are acidic.

Pop is acidic. 

Coffee is acidic.

Bottled water is acidic. Most bottled water is filtered tap water, with the chemical additives removed. 

Tap water is actually acidic. Federal law mandates that chlorine and lye are added to tap water to make it's pH more neutral. Lye has a pH of 13 to help raise the acid pH of tap water. Tap water has to have a neutral pH so the water does not corrode the water pipes.

What water are you drinking?

According to medical experts a body cannot heal itself when it is acid.

Click on the above link at the top of the page to download the free E-book to learn more.


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