Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is becoming more common; mom’s-to-be all over the world are turning to this treatment method to assure a comfortable pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor and delivery. Chiropractic care has proven to be a legitimate resource for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions that affect pregnant women. The mother’s spine and pelvis will undergo many changes and adaptations to compensate for the growing baby and the risk of interference to her nervous system is increased. Chiropractic care during pregnancy maintains, and can even improve, balance and alignment in the spine and pelvis.

Conditions and Causes

The most common pregnancy-related conditions chiropractors treat is usually sciatica or pelvic pain while walking, sitting and/or sleeping. The back pain associated with pregnancy is most often caused by weight gain and the increased stress placed on the body. Pain is most often prevalent later in the pregnancy because the baby’s head presses down on the back, legs and buttocks which put pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Low back pain is the most common reason that women seek chiropractic treatment during their pregnancy. Most often, lower back pain is a result of vertebral subluxations and muscle spasm. A vertebral subluxation is the misalignment of a bone in your spine. Subluxations cause muscle spasm and stress on the spine and nerves. A Chiropractic adjustment is a specific force applied to the misaligned joint in order to correct its position and function.

In addition to low back pain, many women also seek chiropractic care for headaches and migraines. Most headaches are caused or aggravated by subluxations in the cervical spine/neck. Fluxes of hormones also contribute to headache occurrence. Women who suffer migraines and were taking medication prior to becoming pregnant often look to chiropractic for relief, since they can no longer take the medication. Many patients actually find that the adjustments are more effective than the medications.

What Chiropractic Care Can Do

Chiropractic care is able to prevent and even undo much of the damage caused by pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment can also get your lower body in proper alignment for an easier birth. When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room for the developing baby to be comfortable and they may seek out a less than optimal positioning for birth. The chiropractor's ability to realign and, in many cases, relax the ligaments and muscles in your pelvis has led to what is now known as the Webster Technique, a method that helps breech babies to turn themselves, naturally.

Chiropractic manipulation is safe for the pregnant woman and her baby and can be especially attractive to those who are trying to avoid medications in treating their back pain. Doctors of chiropractic can also offer nutrition, ergonomic, and exercise advice to help a woman enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy allows for healthier function of the mother and baby.

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