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Truthful Water Ionizer Review 

A Factual and Honest look at the top five Ionizers

by Ray Kurzweil, top scientist in the U.S., recognized by former US President, Bill Clinton

            Tyent, Enagic, Life, KYK & Jupiter

Discover the never - before told Facts & Secrets that they

don't want you to know. This alone can save you thousands!

  • Do you ever get the feeling that Water Ionizer Companies and Dealers are just telling you what you want to hear?
  • How many times have you heard " We have the best water ionizers" or " We have the highest ORP?"
  • Wouldn't it be great to get through the mud and to find out which ionizer is right for you based on hard facts.  

Read on or Register Below, then Click Here for your Free Report! 

 Well, I wanted to know especially after getting stuck purchasing an inferior water ionizer and wasting $1,000 + dollars.  So, I decided to help make it crystal clear to you.  What I'm offering to you is a free report that will absolutely be a breath of fresh air that will guide you in determining which water ionizer is right for you and your family. Hopefully, by presenting solid evidence based on scientific facts, your perception will be based on just that and not on a bunch of hot air or hype that is so prevalent today. 

Cold, hard facts and the truth behind those facts are what we all should be after.  After all, the market is flooded with ionizers all making the claim that they are the best.  Not every ionizer can be the best!  It is literally impossible! 

We will help you break through the hot air and hype!?? Without a doubt, the most important feature of any water ionizer is the Titanium/ Platinum plates that produce the healthy alkaline water with micro-clustering and negative O.R.P. values.  Without these your ionizer would be worthless! When deciding between ionizers, this should most definitely be your most important factor in choosing the one that is best for you.  So let's get started!? 

There are 5 factors that you should consider when looking at Titanium/ Platinum plates. 

1.  The size of the plates in surface area.

2.  The consistency and amount of platinum on the plates.

3.  Solid vs. Mesh

4.  The power supply energizing the plates.

5.  The quality of the plates

The first question to ask a distributor or dealer has to do with these 5 factors.  You will find that most won't know how to answer these 5 important factors.  The good news is that I have included it in my special free report. Just as important is the warranty and especially the fine print such as the exclusions or exceptions. This is important because the warranty should protect the consumer and not the company. I will expose those companies that are in fact protecting themselves when I reveal what is in the fine print that can cost you big.

 Beware of the red flags...

1.  Which company voids their warranty if too much volume is produced??? 

2.  Which 2 companies void their warranty in Hard Water States?    

These are huge red flags especially considering that half the continental United States has hard water.  I will expose these companies!  Don't make the mistake like I did of purchasing a useless ionizer that cost me $1,000 + dollars.??Beware of the slick marketing terms such as "auto shut off" or "shut down protector"

All of these are an attempt by the manufacturer to cover an obvious flaw in the ionizer design.  Good water ionizers should not overheat especially with the new transformer technology known as SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply), which is a cooler running transformer. This is an important feature in most Ionizers and I will explain why. 

By reading my free report you will have the correct knowledge to arm yourself and avoid these ionizers that don't meet our tough standards. In this free report, I will reveal the pros and cons of solid plates vs. mesh plates and why one over the other is truly the best choice.  Read on or Register Below and then Click Here for your Free Report! 

I will reveal to you the facts and scientific analysis of how one over the other will be the difference of producing alkaline water for one year or less or many years to come.

In this free report, I will reveal the grade of platinum used as well as the consistency or the lack of consistency of platinum over the plates and the benefits and disadvantages of sprayed vs. dipped plates. With Platinum between $1,000 to $2,000/ounce, this is a precious commodity that some ionizer company's use varies sparingly for obvious reasons - cost cutting.  

Plate Size - Find out what they are not telling you!

Ok, what about plate size? How important is plate size? Is bigger truly better?

Some companies will tell you that their negative ORP or alkalinity is the highest, yet they are using some of the smallest surface area electrolysis plates on the market. These results simply do not match up. How can a water ionizer have some of the highest -ORP or alkalinity available with such a small surface area?  Are their stealth reports accurate? 

Find out who these companies are by name when I expose them.

Are you aware that there are those manufacturers that use platinum so sparingly that titanium is exposed and when energized, very small microscopic particles of titanium become " pathogenic and disease causing" according to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia?

How important is the heating element or transformer that energizes the plates?  Actually it is very important and is the reason I have added it to this free report.  Generally, the higher quality larger plates require more power to produce the higher quality water.  Or do they? 

Again, find out in this free report. So far, we have only covered the Platinum/Titanium plates.  What about under the counter models, flow rates, pH adjustments, self-cleaning and filter life? 

Which ionizers make true strong acid water that will kill off 99% of bacteria and viruses and those Ionizer companies that claim they do but in fact don't.  What about those water ionizers that produce strong alkaline water for stripping pesticides and insecticides off of fruits and vegetables and those that claim they do but in fact don't.  This free report covers it all and will empower you to make the right decision that is right for you and your family. 

              Remember, It's not what they are telling you.

  It's what they're not telling you!

Please Register Below then Click Here for your Free Report! 


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