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Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is one of the few ways to obtain a permanent, reproducible, graphic record of deep changes in body chemistry according to Dr. Larry Wilson, M.D. Hair analysis is a soft tissue mineral biopsy that analyzes the body tissue to detect mineral levels. It is a screening test that provides a reading of the mineral deposition in the cells and the interstitial spaces of the hair over a 2-3 month period.

Blood tests cannot be compared to hair analysis. Hair tests only measure minerals in the hair. Each test measures a different system, and different body compartments. In blood tests the minerals are maintained at the expense of the tissues. The minerals will be moved from the tissues to the blood to maintain blood levels.

Hair analysis can provide a graphic record of slow changes in body chemistry. Heavy metal toxicity, chronic deficiencies, the various stages of stress, and the persistent metabolic imbalances are seen in hair analysis. Other tests including blood, urine, electro-diagnosis, kinesiology and x-ray are affected by day-to day and minute to minute fluctuations in metabolism.

Minerals in the hair are ten times the level that is in the blood, making it easier to detect in the hair, especially trace minerals. Toxic minerals are not found in the blood except right after acute exposure. They concentrate in the soft tissues, not in the blood or urine.

The human body is an energy producing machine. Adequate energy production influences every aspect of health and healing. Hair testing analysis provides a assessment of one’s stress level and oxidation rate. The oxidation rate is the rate at which the body burns or oxidizes food. It is very useful in determining dietary needs as well as nutritional supplements.

From a small sample of hair we can learn the following about a body:

Metabolic rate

Stage of stress or stress level

How one is handling stress

Immune system status

Adrenal gland activity

Thyroid gland activity

Carbohydrate tolerance

Energy levels

Tendencies for illnesses before they manifest

Eating sufficient protein

Eating too many carbohydrates

Whether vegetarian diet is working

Nutrient deficiencies

Toxic metals

Hypoglycemia or sugar issue


Mineral patterns also reflect mental and emotional conditions. It can tell if one is prone to anxiety, depression, phobias or mood swings. Minerals are involved in all body functions in the body. They are the basic building blocks of the body. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Ratios between the minerals represent the mineral relationships and balances in the body.

Hair analysis is a simple, effective non-invasive way to test how your body is working at a cellular level and handling life stress. The test is done in the privacy of your home, and then sent to the lab for analysis. Call (734) 664-0339 to schedule a no charge consultation to see if a hair analysis test is right for you.  If you do not live locally, visit our online store and purchase a hair analysis test kit.

Once the hair analysis testing has been completed you will receive a thorough 6 page report. A doctor will review this report with you, by phone if needed. The hair analysis report of findings will include simple lifestyle changes with diet and nutritional recommendations. This test may only be performed under the supervision of a health care professional. The results of the testing are informational only. This test is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition.

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