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Health Glossary

The Health Glossary is located here with all the definitions of the common health words used on this web site. Quotations by noted health experts are also in this section.


A system that involves to stimulating specific points on the body to relieve pain, and help improve various health conditions. Originally developed as a healing art in China.  Traditionally specific points on the skin are pierced with needles. Modern acupuncture therapy includes non-invasively treating the points using advanced laser technology, or finger pressure, known as Acupressure.

Acupuncture Meridians
The energy pathways or chi, circulating life force, which flow through all the muscles and organs throughout the entire body according to Oriental medicine. There are several hundred acupuncture points on the human body connected to each other by 12 different energy pathways.


Medical physicians traditionally treat symptoms of disease conditions with medication or surgery. Conventional physicians evaluate and treat using drugs to manage disease. The drugs often have opposite effects to the symptoms. The prescribed medications often have side effects, resulting in more medications being prescribed to manage the symptoms.

Applied Kinesiology (A.K.)
The use of manual muscle testing to determine specific weakness of a muscle or a group of muscles. A.K. was originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart of Grosse Pointe, Michigan in 1964 to help determine muscle imbalances. These weak muscles can interfere with body balance, health and function, and can delay healing. "One of the biggest benefits of AK is it gives us a tool for discernment !" Dr. George Goodheart, D.C.


This therapy involves the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential plant based oils. Often used by massage therapists as part of the massage treatment, or by individuals at home as part of a relaxing bath or after bath treatment. Essential plant oils have different effects on the body. Some can be stimulating, while others are relaxing.

The energy that flows in a body and all living organisms. Can also be generated by creating a magnetic field using direct current or magnets.

Bioenergetic Feedback
The means in which energy flows within a body through muscle testing.

Cellular ATP
The energy produced by the cells of the body that run the body. ATPs are produced biochemically from specific enzyme reactions with foods eaten.


The art and science of restoring health naturally to a body by removing the interference that is keeping a body from proper health and function. Chiropractors touch the body using non-invasive and gentle techniques to help activate natural healing. The purpose of chiropractic is to correct subluxations, and restore proper nerve flow and communication between the brain and the body, allowing the body to naturally heal itself from the inside out.

The art and science of restoring health naturally to a body by removing the interference that is keeping a body from proper health and function. The purpose of chiropractic is to correct subluxation and to restore proper nerve flow and communication between the brain and the body.

Cranial-Sacral Movement
The subtle rhythmical movement of the bones of the head and the base of the spine, the sacrum, which cause the spinal fluid to circulate around the brain and the spinal cord. This therapy gently and effectively focuses on restoring normal motion to these body areas.

The act of mentally separating one thing from another using insight and judgment.

Detox Foot Baths

Cellular detoxification is accomplished by placing both feet into a warm water bath that contains a detoxification device that stimulates the body to release toxins. The process increases microcirculation that helps to increase oxygen and blood flow through out the body. The effects of aging are slowed with the increase of circulating oxygen. The increased blood flow also has an enhanced nutrient absorption effect on the body, and unblocks the energy flow in the acupuncture meridians.

Energy Medicine

This category of alternative treatment includes therapies focusing on the flow of energy in the body. Some of these therapies are Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy medicine, Applied Kinesiology. Bioenergetic Feedback. Reiki, and Muscle and Nutrition Response Testing.

Functional Health
The category of health that incorporates how a body is functioning compared to how a person is just feeling. It is not simply being symptom free but functioning at 100% of your full potential.

The optimum state of physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease, illness or symptoms.This category of alternative treatment includes therapies focusing on the flow of energy in the body. Some of these therapies are Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy medicine, Applied Kinesiology. Bioenergetic Feedback. Reiki, and Muscle and Nutrition Response Testing.


Extracted from different naturally occurring plants, plant based extracts in pill or liquid form are used to helping restore balance back to a body. Specific plant extracts are often used to help provide nutritional support for different body systems. Minimal side effects are reported using natural plant extracts compared to prescription medications.

An approach to healing that views the entire body as a whole, instead of separate parts that co-exist. It is characterized by treatment of the whole person, instead of just the physical symptoms of a disease. The entire health of the person, including the mental and social factors are considered in order to determine the best type of treatment.


A medical physician developed this treatment in 1796. It involves the treatment of the body by using minute doses of natural substances to help the body recognize its own energy imbalances to help correct itself.  It is based on the idea of like treats like, where a natural substance given to a healthy person would produce the symptoms of the disease. A specific diluted substance given to a person with a health issue helps the body move back to a more balanced state of health.


This is the study of the motion of the muscles of the body by actively testing them. Used by health care practitioners to determine specific weakness of a muscle or a group of muscles, manual muscle testing enables the practitioner to help strengthen the weakened areas.

“Live” Water

Water that is alive with a negative charge, the same as water that occurs naturally in the areas of the world where people live long and healthy lives. This water is rich in minerals and active hydrogen, which is natures strongest anti-oxidant. Often compared to other waters which are positively charged, missing minerals and considered “hungry or dead” water.

Massage Therapy

This therapy is directed toward the treatment of the different layers of muscles to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and to promote relaxation and healing. Massage therapists use their hands to touch the body, using a variety of techniques to influence the lymphatic, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.

Muscular Imbalances
Often felt as muscle spasms or pain. They exist when one muscle works or performs as it should while the same muscle on the other side of the body does not. These can exist as muscle spasms or as muscle weaknesses. Muscle imbalances can cause postural problems, contribute to pain, and create muscle weaknesses interfering with normal daily activities.

Muscle Response Testing
A way of determining the nutritional needs of the body. Based on the concept that your body does not lie, this non-invasive test is used to evaluate specific reflexes and organs in a body. Muscle Reflex Testing works by the physician applying a small amount of force to a specific muscle and having the patient resist that force. When a patient is unable to resist the force, the muscle is considered to be in a weakened state. In this state the reflex is considered to indicate a need for nutritional support or help.


An alternative medicine that focuses on the treatment of illness using diet, exercise, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, detoxification and other natural therapies including massage. The primary focus is on a holistic approach to health emphasizing the least invasive treatment methods. Philosophically, there are no prescription or pharmaceutical medications recommended.

Neurolymphatic Points
Reflexes on the body that relate to muscles and organs of the body through the neurological and lymphatic systems.

Neurovascular Points

Reflexes on the head that relate to muscles and organs of the body through the neurological and circulatory systems.

Nutritional Response Testing or Nutritional Health Scan
An evaluation of the various organ systems and body reflexes using manual response testing to determine individualized nutritional needs. Initially trained in A.K. , several doctors over the past twenty years have researched and developed this non-invasive health evaluation tool to determine the nutritional needs of a patient.

Nutritional Status
The state of the nutritional needs of a body including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins fats, carbohydrates, and fluid or water intake.

The evaluation of the muscles of the body as they are positioned in relation to each other and to gravity.


A healing touch technique where a therapist directs energy by means of touch to aid the natural healing processes of a patient’s body.

A minor misalignment of one or more segments of the spine (vertebrae) causing an irritation to a nerve with a loss of normal function. A subluxation also causes an interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue or organ in the body.

Subluxations are caused by any stress (physical, mental - emotional - social or chemical) the person cannot adapt to.
Subluxations result in the organ, tissue, muscles, etc., losing their normal function. Subluxations cause a lowered resistance to disease. When a spinal vertebrae is misaligned it puts pressure on the nerves in that are, thereby cutting off communication from the brain to that area supplied nerve.

Any conditions accompanying or resulting from a disease or a physical disorder and serving as an aid in diagnosis. They are only an indication of a problem, a disease or a physical disorder but they are not the problem itself. Symptoms can vary and change with stress or be different from person to person with the same problem.

Synthetic Nutrition

Nutritional supplements which are man-made, and manufactured in a laboratory from isolated synthetic chemicals. These synthetic nutrients create vitamin and mineral deficiencies when taken for a long time, due to the missing co-factors. Most of these supplements are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, and are commonly available in discount stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Whole Food Nutrition

Whole foods contain all the essential nutrients in the proper ratio that people need to be healthy. Nutritional supplements are manufactured from whole foods in a special process to preserve the essential vitamins, mineral and other co-factor ingredients found naturally in the whole plants and fruits. These food-based nutrients provide the genuine replacement parts for a body, allowing a body to naturally and easily rebuild and repair. These natural supplements are available only from health care practitioners.


The combination of breathing techniques with specific body postures to promote relaxation, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and enhance overall body function. There are standing and seated postures, along with laying relaxation poses, that can be done by any age. Originally developed as a healing art in India to help in the attainment of spiritual peace and tranquility.

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