How Chiropractic Works

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic gently removes the interference to your body's ability to heal itself naturally as follows:

Every cell in your body receives communication through the nervous system. The same nerve that goes to a muscle or skin cell also goes to the organs, glands, tissues, and blood vessels in that area. Your brain and central nervous system control how all parts and systems of your body perform their functions.

Ninety percent of the nerves in your body control function, while only ten percent control pain. Irritation to nerves that control function can cause functional problems like headaches, fatigue, sinus, allergies and sleep problems, irritability and digestive problems. Irritation can also cause sensory problems like pain, tension, tingling and numbness.

1. Every cell in your body has a nerve that goes to it.
2. The same nerve goes to muscle or skin cells in an area, and to the organs, glands, tissues and blood vessels in that area.
3. Through nerves, your BRAIN and CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM control the parts and systems of the body to perform and coordinate their functions.
4. The BRAIN and CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM is the only system in the body that is totally surrounded by bone for protection against stress overload.
5. The BRAIN is surrounded by the skull, while the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM is surrounded by 24 vertebrae that make up the spine.
6. Life stresses can cause an overload or short circuit in the nerve pathways as they exit the spine, resulting in interference with flow of the nerve signals, and nerve irritation.
7. Irritation to the nerves affects the BRAIN and CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, causing many functional and physical problems.
8. Common functional problems include: headaches, fatigue, irritability/moodiness, sinus/allergies, difficulties with sleep, hormones, and digestion, and feeling stressed.
9. Physical problems include: neck. back and body pain, muscle tension/spasm/weakness, and tingling and numbness in the arms and legs.
10. Left alone and untreated by natural physical means, these malfunctions continue and eventually lead to declining health and disease.
11. Removal of the nerve irritation by gentle physical adjustment to the spinal vertebrae that protect the nerves, resets the short circuit, restoring nerve flow that allows the body to heal itself.

Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe? A tiny pebble can drive you crazy. At first it feels like a pressure, then an irritation. Finally it causes pain. The tiny pebble causes pain because it is constantly irritating a nerve. Pain is the warning signal that the nerve has pressure on it. In your car a red light turns on when there is a problem. The red light in your car is a warning signal, just as pain is in your body, telling you that there is something wrong.

So what did you do about the pebble? You took your shoe off and took it out, right?

Taking pain killing medication for a pebble in your shoe would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? It's not logical to treat a physical problem with a chemical solution!


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