Initial No Charge Consultation

Welcome to Your First Consultation

The purpose of our Initial No Charge Consultation is to determine if we can be of service to those we consult. At TLC Holistic Wellness we offer a 45 minute No Charge Consultation to allow us to individually evaluate each new patient. We offer this service because we only accept those patients that we truly feel we can help. The consultation also provides an opportunity for new patients to learn more about their body, and the alternatives available at TLC Holistic Wellness.

At TLC Holistic Wellness we use many different approaches when we look at your health status during the initial no charge consultation. We usually perform three non-invasive function tests to determine the ability of your body to handle stress, the functional communication between your brain and your body, and the ability of your body to communicate to various glands and organs. After a thorough review of those tests and your health history, we may chose to perform additional evaluations.

These tests are not done when patients are experiencing acute pain, or if they are under 12 years of age. We will quickly perform any necessary tests to determine if we can help any new patients experiencing acute pain.

As Holistic Chiropractors we evaluate the body through the spine and its associated muscle systems, which correlates to the many different glands and body organs. We also use functional blood pressure to evaluate your stress handling ability and overall calcium sufficiency. .There are other indicators of overall body function such as salivary pH, organ reflexes, the nails, tongue, eyes and ears. These are all additional alternative ways to determine the overall functional condition of your body.

Functional Health Tests

Stress Handling

We use blood pressure analysis to determine the ability of your body to handle stress. Blood pressure is measured while you are lying down, and then after you stand up. The change in the blood pressure from lying to standing indicates the functional status of your stress handling glands, called the adrenals.

The Spine
We will evaluate your body for any spinal involvement, checking range of motion and spinal tenderness. The spine is a window to the nervous system. Each spinal bone or vertebrae correlates to a different body gland or organ due to its influence on specific nerves.

In the neck the nerves are related to the head, face, ears, eyes, nose and throat. The lower neck nerves influence the muscle strength of the arms and hands. Pain, numbness and/or tingling indicate a blockage in the nerve flow to its destination point.

The nerves of the upper and middle back correlate to the glands and organs in the front of the body including the thyroid, heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands, and more.

Lower back nerves correlate with the corresponding glands and organs in the front including the bladder, reproductive area and lower digestive system. The lower back nerves also influence the muscle strength and function of the legs and feet. Restless legs, muscle cramping, numbness and/or tingling can indicate a blocked nerve flow, and/or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Many people experience pain in the upper back across the shoulders. This can often be an indication of liver and gall bladder stress. Middle back pain is commonly an indication of an over-stressed adrenal gland. While a gentle chiropractic adjustment can often relieve these pains, we take a different approach. As Holistic Wellness Chiropractors we look at the spine and the nervous system to provide the correct nutritional support for the specific organ or gland that is in need.  Our goal is to support the body in its healing process as simply, effectively and quickly as possible.


Muscle testing

Developed by a Michigan chiropractor over 60 years ago, this non-invasive method of testing is used by all types of physicians around the world. Muscles are tested for strength to determine their functional status. Every muscle in the bosy correlates to an organ and glandular system. This testing helps determine the functional communication between the brain, the muscles and the correlated organ or glandular system.

Calcium Sufficiency or Deficiency Testing

Another use of the blood pressure cuff is to assess your ability to comfortably tolerate the pressure of the cuff on your lower leg. The amount of pressure you can tolerate is a functional indicator of the calcium levels in your muscles and tissues.

Salivary PH for Acidity Testing

Acid alkaline imbalances can contribute to all chronic health conditions. An evaluation of salivary PH can be used to determine dehydration and stress on the body. An assessment of acidity and toxicity indicators can be done to help determine if hydration and detoxification would be beneficial. A dietary review can also be performed to determine if dietary changes might be beneficial.


All the glands and organs have reflexes on the outside of the body that can be touched. Tenderness on any of these reflexes indicates an imbalance in the corresponding organ or gland. This non-invasive test often discovers the missing link to underlying unresolved chronic pain and persistent health issues.


The nails of the hands are another way to access the nutritional status of the body. The size, shape and coloration of the nails can be an indication of specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Spots on the nails, ridges and thin, breaking nails are clues to specific systemic deficiencies. Coloration of the nail bed, as well as the skin, can indicate oxygen and iron deficiencies.


The tongue is used in Oriental Medicine to determine the status of various body organs. Evaluation of the shape, color, ridges and lines on the tongue can aid in determining the health status of the body, hydration, and vitamin deficiencies.


The shape of the eyes and their ability to handle light, as well as the thickness of the eyebrows can indicate a hormone imbalance relating to the thyroid and adrenal glands.

At the end of this first visit you will know if you want to work with us at TLC Holistic Wellness. A follow-up visit will then be scheduled for the services of your choice. You will be informed of all future costs, and if additional tests are needed at the end of the initial no charge consultation.


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