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Livonia Chiropractor | Livonia chiropractic care | MI | Meet Dr. Sherry Yale, DC

TLC Holistic Wellness

 31582 Schoolcraft Rd, Livonia, MI 48150  
 Just W of Merriman off I-96 
 (734) 664-0339 

  OPEN:  Monday,  Wednesday,  Thursday,  Saturday


Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, BS, DC, ND, Retired 

Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C.

Holistic Chiropractic Wellness

Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist for Over 27 Years

Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Respnse Testing®Whole Food Nutrition, 

 Weight Loss, Herbs, Diet & Lifestyle Help, Gentle Chiropractic 


Meet Dr. Sherry Yale, DC
Livonia Chiropractor | Livonia chiropractic Meet Dr. Sherry Yale, DC |  MI |




East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania (Pre-Chiropractic) and

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa (Doctor of Chiropractic Degree).

Board Certification

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Continuing Education

Dr. Yale has studied hundreds of hours of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing technique), clinical nutrition and herbal therapy.  She continues to attend seminars to learn the latest advances in clinical nutrition and chiropractic care. Her passion to learn better ways to help her patients has her attending more seminars than the required number for continuing education hours in Michigan.. 


Born in Pennsylvania, Dr. Yale travelled to Davenport, Iowa to attend the premier college and birthplace of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1989.  Since that time, Michigan has been her home.

Dr. Yale has been active in chiropractic, clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, herbal therapy and holistic wellness since 1989.  As a caring alternative health care physician, she is successful in helping men, women and children of all ages live healthier, pain-free lives. 

She also specializes in solving difficult cases using her unique holistic approach, incorporating nutrition, muscle reflex testing, gentle non-force chiropractic, trigger point therapy, wellness, detoxification programs, whole food supplements, herbs and more.

Dr. Yale is the mother of four children, all born at home with midwifery, including one water birth. 

She loves animals and has successfully treated them with the supervision of a veterinarian.


Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C. has been hand-picked by Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C., the founder of TLC Holistic Wellness, to carry on with the care of her much-loved patient family.  Dr. Fischer has mentored Dr. Yale over the past year to clone her treatments methods and results for decades to come, despite her absence.

Dr. Yale chose to become a chiropractor as it was a perfect fit for her interest in the sciences, her personal dislike of medications, her strong interest in helping others and her conviction that the body is meant to heal itself naturally.

Dr. Yale’s goal is to help her patients achieve vibrant longevity through natural means.



Gentle chiropractic care is a a speciality of Dr. Yale's. Her goal is provide immediate pain relief, while at the same time helping correct any underlying issues so that health and vitality can be restored.

Dr. Yale approaches patients in the same manner as Dr. Fischer. She uses the gentle adjusting tool, the relaxing therapeutic blocks, and the same advanced muscle testing known as applied kinesiology. With this muscle testing Dr. Yale is able to determine the exact misaligned spinal segment or any other misaligned bone and gently correct it to restore normal motion. 

Dr. Yale believes in getting to the core of the problem, rather than chasing pain.  When the body is evaluated and corrected as a whole, meaning from head to toe as needed, the pain will be helped, but also the function and well-being of the entire body will be enhanced.

Treatments are very individualized and typically include treatment of the entire spine and pelvis.  Also based on individual needs, the TMJ, cranials and extremities, right down to your little finger, if needed, will be addressed. To learn more visit  gentle chiropractic care..


Dr. Yale has spent years studying functional nutrition and clinical nutrition. She has studied with many of the same renowned nutritional experts as Dr. Fischer. Now specializing in muscle testing and specific nutrition response testing, Dr. Yale is able to help determine the specific nutritinal needs for each patient.

Nutritional Response Testing® as practiced by both Dr. Fischer and now Dr. Yale is an art form unto itself. It is a unique and very specific way to determine the precise organ, glanular system or spinal area that is in need of assistance. Once the area in need is identified, the reason for the mal-function can be determined. This unique testing evaluates the specific categories that can affect the health of the body. These include chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, hidden immunue challenges, food sensitivites and previously undetected nerve trauma. Go here to learn more about nutrition response testing, 

Body chemistry and the function of organs and glands can be improved with the correct nutritional assistance that Dr. Yale provides.  There are possibly no limits to the various functions of the body that can be improved for better health. 



Dr. Yale always offers free consultations by appointment, either in person or via the telephone.  Choosing a health care practitioner is very personal choice, so Dr. Yale wishes you to be as comfortable as possible in making your choice with the opportunity to ask any questions, visit the office and meet her free of charge. 

Stop in and meet Dr. Yale at TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia, located at 31580 Schoolcraft Rd. The office is located just west of Merriman on the north side of I-96. 

Contact Dr. Yale by phone at  (734) 664- 0339

or by email at [email protected]

Office Hours 

Mon & Wed  9am - 8pm

Thurs. 9am - 4pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm



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Livonia Chiropractor | Meet Dr. Sherry Yale, DC. Dr. Sherry Yale, DC is a Livonia Chiropractor.