Nutritional Testing & Counseling

Nutritional Testing and Counseling
Nutritional counseling appointments are available in office or by phone. All of our programs consist of high quality nutritional products that can be shipped directly to your location.

Whole Food Nutrition
The goal of whole food nutrition is to give your body nutrients that are found naturally in whole foods. Whole food nutrients help your body to work better by giving you the natural building blocks from food so your body can repair itself. At TLC Holistic Wellness, we help you rebuild your body by supplying you with the missing nutrients so that your body can heal itself.

Using the truth, " Your body cannot lie", we can determine your individual nutritional needs.  We do this by using muscle response testing and the Nutritional Response Testing to evaluate the many different body reflexes that correspond to different organs and tissues of the body.  Using these non-invasive, effective assessment tools allows the doctors at TLC Holistic Wellness to make sure that you get the specific nutrition that you need.  We believe that health is a journey, not a destination.  Our goal is to help you become healthier, and to save you time and money on your journey.

Contact us today to schedule your personal nutritional evaluation by calling (734) 664-0339.

Natural Hormone Balancing
Hormones are chemical messengers that signal the body to perform different tasks. They regulate weight distribution, mood and emotions, the ability to digest and detoxify, the metabolism of sugar, carbohydrates, fats and protein, bone building, quality and type of sleep and energy production in the body.

The goal of balancing hormones naturally is to help the body make its own hormones by giving the body herbs and vitamins that it can use to rebuild and repair, instead of using bio-identical hormones or artificial drug hormones, like HRT. Hormones can be balanced naturally at any age provided the body has the correct diet, nutrition and nervous system function.

There are several methods that we use to test hormones so we can determine the correct nutritional support.  We use Nutritional Response Testing in the office. We also provide home test kits for Hair Analysis and Saliva Testing , for more in depth hormone analysis through Outside Laboratory Services . Click on any of the links for more information.

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