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Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, BS, DC, ND, Retired 

Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C.

Holistic Chiropractic Wellness

Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist for Over 27 Years

Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Respnse Testing®Whole Food Nutrition, 

 Weight Loss, Herbs, Diet & Lifestyle Help, Gentle Chiropractic 


Outside Laboratory Services

Outside Laboratory Services
The following tests to further determine nutritional needs are also available from our office, including standard blood work.

Individualized Salivary Hormone Testing is used to determine hormone levels and specific organ function. These tests include both female and male hormone panels as well as adrenal stress handling hormones, pancreas sugar handling ability and immune system function. These tests are helpful for those suffering with hormone issues such as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, sugar cravings and unwanted weight gain.

Hair Analysis
is used to determine overall hormone levels, energy production, overall vitality, and mineral levels, as well as specific heavy metal toxicity. This test is helpful for those suffering with hormonal imbalances, unresolved fatigue and poor digestion/metabolism.

Individualized Allergy Testing
for 96 specific foods and 23 airborne allergens are also available to help determine what specific foods or allergens need to be desensitized and/or eliminated. This test is helpful for those with severe food allergies and those suffering with ADD/ADHD symptoms.

We can order lab testing and also work with local physicians if urine analysis and analysis of blood chemistry is required to determine specific gland/organ function.

Livonia Chiropractor | Outside Laboratory Services. Dr. Sherry Yale, DC is a Livonia Chiropractor.