Amazing service!! I have been coming in for over a year and have learned so much about proper nutrition and the needs of my body. Thank you for helping me fight the health issue with my thyroid. Feeling better everyday.  


"Around four years ago, I was in terrible shape. I had almost constant pain in numerous parts of my body. I could hardly eat without feeling nausea. Sometimes I felt so weak and sick that I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had been to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, test after test, and they all said the same thing, 'There is nothing wrong with you.' The best they could come up with was ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ which, if you look that up, is basically a medical doctor’s way of telling you that something might be wrong, but we can’t figure out what it is.

Unable to continue living the way I was and not being able to bear another trip to another doctor who was probably going to basically tell me this was all in my head, I started doing research into alternative and holistic approaches. I found Dr. Carol Fischer, D.C. at TLC Holistic Wellness online and I decided to make an appointment.

To make a very long story short, by the summer of 2014, I was a different person thanks to Dr. Fischer. Within weeks of starting to see her, I already saw massive improvements in every aspect of my health. She worked very closely with me and gave me the care and attention I needed. I loved the way I felt after her adjustments with ‘The Clicker’ and very carefully tested my body to ensure I was receiving the correct nutrition I needed to improve my health. I truly felt that for once we were treating the core issues my body was dealing with instead of just the symptoms like I had been with so many different medical doctors.

Needless to say, I was pretty heartbroken when I heard that Dr. Fischer would be leaving her practice, but she ensured me  that she would always be a phone call away if I needed anything. That is the level of care and compassion the patients at TLC Holistic Wellness had come to enjoy and expect.

Unfortunately, things did not work out between me and Dr. Fischer’s replacement at TLC. I did not feel I was getting the same level of care and actually felt myself backsliding into the way I had been feeling before starting to see Dr. Fischer. So I took her up on her offer and reached out to her. I explained the situation with the new doctor and asked her for some guidance. Dr. Fischer recommended that I reach out to Dr. Sherry Yale. She explained that her and Dr. Yale had worked and trained together and the way Dr. Yale practiced was pretty much as close as you could get to the way she practiced. Nervous, but excited, I took Dr. Fischer’s advice and made an appointment with Dr. Yale.

From the moment I met Dr. Yale, before she even adjusted or tested me, I knew this was going to be a great experience and that I was finally going to be back to getting the care I needed. Dr. Yale welcomes her patients with open arms. She is willing to take the time to really listen to what her patients have to say so that they can work together to get to the root of the issue. Her chiropractic adjustments and nutrition testing are as close to Dr. Fischer’s as I believe you can get and the care and compassion she shows her patients is second to none!

I was so impressed with Dr. Yale that I even started bringing my two dogs in to see her so that they can get the nutrition they need as well! One of my dogs had a big cyst on his back and that is now completely gone after using the nutrition Dr. Yale advised. I have now been seeing Dr. Yale for about 6 months and I am 100% back to the level of health I was before Dr. Fischer left. Dr. Yale has a fantastic sense of humor, she brings an extremely personal touch to her practice, and she is the most organized holistic doctor we have met. When I go to see Dr. Yale, it is more like seeing a friend then a doctor.

To say I was ecstatic to hear that Dr. Yale would be taking over TLC Holistic Wellness is a huge understatement. I believe a lot of patients felt the same way about the care they were receiving after Dr. Fischer left TLC. I urge any of them to come back to TLC now that Dr. Yale is there. You will receive the level of care that kept you coming back to TLC. With Dr. Sherry Yale at the helm, the tender, loving care will now be restored to TLC Holistic Wellness."


“Dr. Sherry Yale has drastically changed my life.  I have known her for about ten years, during which time her nutritional assistance has been invaluable. Recently she helped an older (late 80’s) family member with swelling in her legs on two occasions.  The incidents were about a year apart.  Sherry identified what the problem was, recommended the appropriate supplement, and on both occasions within weeks, the swelling had disappeared. 

My son suffered with bipolar disorder for many years.  I had long sought a drug-free solution for this issue, as I know the great harm these drugs can do.  (A distant relative who took bipolar medications for many years is now suffering with renal failure).  As an herbalist, Dr. Yale and I worked together with him for over a year, but he has been drug-free for four or five years.  Not only would you never know he had this issue, but he no longer takes the supplements that enabled his body to heal itself.

As for me, Dr. Yale has pretty-much given me back the life I never had.  Even as a child, I was exhausted all the time, running on empty and depressed. That’s all a thing of the past.  At 61, sometimes I amaze myself at the things I can do.  It all has to do with eating clean and taking the right nutritional supplements.  Seeing Dr. Yale takes so much of the guesswork out of daily life. I know a lot of knowledgeable, well-known people in the alternative healthcare field.  Dr. Yale is at the top of my list. She should be at the top of yours!”

S. & B.

"I am so thankful to Dr. Sherry Yale for helping me and my husband is so many ways!!!

My husband had been to allergist for watery eyes, sneezing, etc. Drs. did not know what to tell him, take Zertek. Once Dr. Sherry tested him he found out that he had several food allergies, put him on supplements, and he's not had it return! Also being a construction worker, he had pain in his writs for years. She once again tested him and put him on a supplement, within a few days his wrists were pain free! 

As for myself, her adjustments worked great on my back. She dos a complete body adjustment, and all the weakness I have dissapates. I have been going to her for 14 years now off and on. And when I need her she is right there to help me reagin my strength and to feel better.

She has a sincere concern for her patient's, you won'f find everyday. Thanks to Dr. Sherry Yale for all your help getting not only me, but my husband back to being healthy."


"For several years I had muscle issues with my right leg during sports. After one visit, I did not have any problems for the first time in weeks.


"I now have no more pain on the way to work. I used to drive to work and it would hurt. Then it would hurt all day at work. I had it for 2 months straight, and now it's gone! After my first treatment too! I now get up in the morning and I have no low back pain!"


"I am feeling much better with my adjustments. I feel it is a miracle, from God who placed TLC in my hands from the first day. For me, every adjustment is so important that I walked over 5 miles to get to my adjustment when my car did not work. I am 60 years old, and it is very important to me, as I see help each time I come. God works through Dr. Yale to take care of his people. I suggest if people want natural healing, gentle touch is the way, because God is with her."

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